Mold a Problem for Museums and Other Locations Around the World

Mold has reportedly affected items at the Mark Twain House & Museum in Hartford, Conn.

Mold can destroy priceless artifacts and seriously damage other objects, such as paintings, diaries, books and other items, a lesson that museums and other institutions around the globe have faced as they try to preserve pieces from the past and share them with modern-day audiences. Libraries also face challenges in trying to minimize the damaging effects of mold on textbooks, notebooks, written records, novels and other books, particularly in damp and humid climates, such as that of South Florida. In recent weeks, facilities in Paris and Hartford, Conn. have had to fight damaging mold, according to news reports. The facilities now must pay for costly mold remediation jobs to save the pieces in their collections. Businesses that perform mold removal fort lauderdale work can help schools, museums, libraries and other entities eliminate mold in a timely manner to keep damage to a minimum.

Mold can thrive in wet environments like South Florida, especially in locations that readily allow moisture to get indoors, such as places where doors open to the outdoors all day long. Places like universities, libraries, museums and schools in West Palm Beach may face problems from mold because visitors and students come and go all day long. Companies that perform mold remediation west palm beach work can help people deal with mold issues in places like this.

In Paris, the curators of the Musée Picasso have to fend off mold that threatens numerous works of art by the famed Spanish painter Pablo Picasso housed at the museum, one of the more visited institutions in the city. The city’s damp, cold winters likely contribute to mold growths in the museum, housed in a building that dates back to the 1600s.

In Hartford, the home of the Mark Twain House & Museum, the museum’s curators have had to save mold from destroying possessions that belonged to one of America’s most celebrated authors. Twain, a.k.a Samuel Clemens, wrote some of his best-known works while he lived in the house. Apparently, a malfunctioning HVAC system has allowed mold to damage items in a storage room, and mold remediation efforts could cost $1 million.


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